Organizations Involved with Water Quality

ABPA- American Backflow Prevention Association
AFSA- American Fire Sprinkler Association
APWA- American Public Works Association
ASPE- American Society of Plumbing Engineers
ASSE- American Society of Sanitary Engineering
AWWA- American Water Works Association
ASDH- Arkansas State Department of Health
ASDWA- Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
BGCCPA- Blue Grass Cross-Connection Prevention Association
BCWWA- British Columbia Water and Waste Association
CDC- Center for Disease Control
CBPA- Colorado Backflow Prevention Association
CWRRI- Colorado Water Resources Institute
EPA- Environmental Protection Agency
FM- Factory Mutual
FRWA- Florida Rural Water Association
FS/AWWA- Florida Section, American Water Works Association
FWPCOA- Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Assoc
GAWP- Georgia Association of Water Professionals
GRWA- Georgia Rural Water Association
IAPMO- International Assoc of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials
IA- Irrigation Association
NAPHCC Home Page
NESHTA- National Environmental, Safety and Health Training Association
NFPA- National Fire Protection Association
NRWA- National Rural water Association
NSF- National Sanitation Foundation
NEWWA- New England Water Works Association
PNW/AWWA- Pacific NW Section, American Water Works Association
SBCCI- Southern Building Code Congress International
TBPA- Tennessee Backflow Prevention Association
TX/AWWA- Texas Section AWWA
WCS/AWWA- Western Canada Section AWWA
WEAT- Water Environment Association of Texas
WEF- Water Environmental Federation
WQA- Water Quality Association
WPC- World Plumbing Council
USACE- US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army - Lessons learned
US Navy User's Guide - User's Guide UG-2029-ENV
WBDG- Whole Building Design Guide
WBDG- Backflow Prevention Program- U.S. Air Force

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