1. Written Legal Authority containing:

    1. the purpose of ordinance or contract

    2. a description of the public water system's and the premise owners' responsibilities

    3. appropriate definitions

    4. a policy requiring premise owners' water systems to be open for inspection to the public water system

    5. a policy specifying which service connections shall be equipped with premises-isolating backflow preventers and specifying exactly where in the service pipe these backflow preventers shall be located

    6. a policy specifying the types of premises-isolating backflow preventers that shall be used in different cases

    7. a policy defining approved backflow preventers and requiring that all premises-isolating backflow preventers installed after a certain date be approved backflow preventers

    8. a policy specifying that all required premises-isolating backflow preventers shall be tested at least annually by competent backflow preventer testers approved by the public water system and shall be repaired when necessary, and

    9. penalties for non-compliance with the ordinance or contract.

  2. A written schedule and written procedures for surveying and retrofitting existing facilities

  3. Written procedures for plan review and inspection of all new construction

  4. Written schedule and procedures for at least annual testing of backflow-prevention assemblies and for repair when necessary

  5. Written procedures for approving competent backflow preventer testers and insuring that required premises-isolating backflow preventers are tested only by approved, competent backflow preventer testers

  6. Written procedures for keeping installation, testing, and repair records for each required premises-isolating backflow preventer (these records shall be kept for not less than 10 years)

  7. Written procedures for educating premise owners about (a) the need to have registered professional engineers or certified fire-protection system contractors check the hydraulics of existing fire-protection systems when premises-isolating backflow preventers are added at existing service connections to which existing fire-protection systems are in turn connected and (b) the need to install thermal expansion devices and/or pressure relief valves within closed-loop plumbing systems created by the installation of premises-isolating backflow preventers, and

  8. Written procedures for handling backflow complaints and emergencies

  9. A program manual containing all of the above mentioned written material.

Recommendation of the Technical Advisory Committee for Rule 62-555.360 F.A.C.

University of Florida, TREEO Center

October 12, 1993 rev. 4/06/95